BEAT BUCK IT MUSIC PUBLISHING is the brainchild of entrepreneur & multi-faceted & talented Mr. Thakur Tapasvi who has been working round the clock in the Indian Film Industry for the last 4 decades in various capacities as a director, producer, lyricist, writer, right holder & distributor. He has held various prestigious and enviable Hon. Posts in most of the associations. At present he is the Senior Vice President of the Indian Film & Television Directors Association popularly known as IFTDA.

He is also the Hon. Treasurer of Punjabi Film producers Association. He is the copyright holder of over 100 movies in various Indian languages which he licenses to various broadcasters, internet platforms & other media companies.

He has started BEAT BUCK IT MUSIC PUBLISHING to enlist lyricists, music directors, writers, producers & music companies & create awareness about their rightful royalties & help them monetize the same globally.

Our Representatives

Kewal S. Dulai

London, United Kingdom

Mandeep Singh

California, USA

Simmi Bhambra

Melbourne, Australia

Tanveer Singh

Virginia, Canada

Let's understand Music Publishing

What is Music Publishing ?

Music Publishing is earning money from the songs & compositions.

Who owns the copyright in songs & compositions ?

As per law the copyright in the song is owned by the following three people,

Composer / Music Director


Music Company

What does a music publishing company do ?

  • If you are a Music Director / Lyricist and you have a publishing deal, the music publishing company will manage your songs and make sure that all of the royalties to which you are entitled are being collected. They will usually actively move to make your songs “work harder”.
  • A Music Publisher detects the usage of your music worldwide & collects money on your behalf. There is a long pipeline between the music being used & the money being paid to you, the music publisher makes sure your money reaches you asap.

Music Publishing

Making the complex world of music more rewarding for creators and publishers.

Music Recording

Successfully release your music without giving up ownership and control.

Neighboring Rights

We search every corner of the globe to find more of your money.